ZicZac is a young four-piece alternative rockband from Berlin. Dive into their energetic liveshows, interesting texts and memorable melodies to experience their exiting and unique sound!


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Our second EP „States Of Disorientation“ is out now!


Who the fuck is ZicZac?

ZicZac consists of Hans Henjes (vocals, rhythm guitar), Paul Imer (lead guitar, keys), Ruben Sprondel (bass) and Louis Katzmann (drums). Their name, which originated from a spontaneous idea in the rehearsal room, can also be seen as the guiding theme of their musical work. The vibrant, jagged and somewhat non-conformist nature of the name can be found directly in their music in the form of contrasts, harmonies, as well as shrill and calm tones. It is characterized by the interplay of the guitars, from catchy and melodic choruses to biting and spirited lead riffs. This is accompanied by driving, powerful rhythms and unique singing, with lyrics about the ambivalent observations and experiences of young people in the metropolis of Berlin. The difficult balance between endless possibilities and sensory overload, as well as shared ecstasy and loneliness is also expressed in the band’s sound.

After their self-titled debut EP „ZicZac“ follows their second release „States Of Disorientation“, in which the band further develops in terms of sound and production.